Lucton School science student


Studying in the UK is a fantastic opportunity for students to not only further their education and gain well-respected qualifications, but also to experience a different culture and way of life, and to make memories and friendships that will be cherished for years to come.

At Lucton, we have a long history of welcoming students from all over the world and, as such, have an enviable reputation for providing a safe, comfortable environment where international students can flourish and feel at home.

The British education system is renowned throughout the world for its ability to provide a learning experience that is wide-ranging and thorough, and many choose to study at Lucton for this very reason.

Life at Lucton is fast paced, varied, challenging, and fun. The school day runs from 8:40am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, with class sizes generally comprising of between 12-15 per class in the lower years and slightly fewer in the Sixth Form. Amongst many benefits, this allows our excellent teaching staff to actively encourage and support every student to achieve the very best that they can, with many increasing their grade averages considerably during their time here.

Some will choose join us in the Sixth Form, where we provide a solid preparation for university. We specialise in offering an excellent programme of A Level qualifications, which are universally accepted throughout UK universities and many other educational institutions across the world. All students receive expert assistance in finding and applying to the very best course for them, and every year, a considerable amount of our students gain places at prestigious Russell Group universities within the UK, whilst others have also joined noteworthy institutions in China, Japan, USA, Germany, and many other countries.

In addition to academic lessons, we have a huge selection of sports, clubs, and activities that are accommodated within the school day and many international students are able to experience a much broader education that they have been used to in their home countries. One of the most popular activities for those aged 13 and older is the Combined Cadet Force (CCF). Students choose to join either the Army or Airforce Cadets and take part in weekly activities including map reading, hiking, first aid training and even taking the first steps in learning to fly.

We accept boarders from the ages of 7 to 18, and students are placed in one of two boarding houses dependent on their age group. Both boarding houses act as a real home from home, and have a strong family-feel, with live-in house parents who provide first-class pastoral care in addition to help with homework in the evenings. Weekends are full of fun with boarders taking part in a thorough programme of Saturday activities including trips to theme parks, go karting, historical and cultural trips, shopping, cinema, adventure activities and much more, with Sundays a well-earned day of rest!

Lucton is a particularly easy school in which to form friendships; we make very few distinctions between day students and those that board and as such, students mix well and form wide social groups. We are also fortunate to have a very diverse mix within our international community. We currently have students from Hong Kong, Russia, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Holland, and China, and notably, approximately 50% of our boarders are actually from the UK meaning that English is constantly in use throughout their time at Lucton.


We are located in the West Midlands, close to Wales, and approximately 3.5 hours from London and 90 minutes from Birmingham. The vast majority of our international students will fly into either London Heathrow Airport or Birmingham Airport, and we offer free transfers, specifically to and from these airports, at the beginning and end of each term.

English as an additional language (EAL)

The EAL classroom at Lucton School, is a holistic learning environment that provides international students with all the linguistic tools that they need to immerse themselves fully into school life. In the lower years students receive 2 lessons a week instead of French; working through the Cambridge Pass Trinity scheme of work.

In Years 10 and 11, students receive 7 lessons per week, the same as those taking English as a GCSE. We follow Cambridge English as a second language exam framework and can enter students for the core paper or the extended paper. Throughout the course, students work on their listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, and cover a range of topics from Customs and Cultures to Science and Technology. 

At Sixth Form level we prepare students for their International English Language Testing System exam (IELTs) in Year 13. They receive 2 lessons per week and are split into lower or higher ability after an assessment conducted by the EAL team. This exam is extremely important for those students wishing to apply to good universities.

Additional EAL support is available for those students wishing to improve further or in a weaker area that has been noted by teaching staff. These lessons are tailored to the individuals needs and are usually 1:1 based.