A boy playing cricket with his friends

Cricket & Rounders


Cricket is perhaps the oldest and most quintessentially “English” sporting experience that Lucton offers and we are proud to have achieved success in both local and regional competition.

Teams are introduced at U9 and continue through to U18 level, with all teams playing regular fixtures during the summer term. The most eagerly anticipated game for the seniors being the OLA match against former pupils which takes place on the day of the Founders Day Lunch known as the “Pierrepont Lunch”.

In recent years, Lucton’s achievements have included being crowned the U11s Midlands ISA Champions in 2017 and runners up in 2018, and the Herefordshire Schools Champions in Year 7.


Traditionally played during the summer term, rounders is a team bat and ball game very popular in British schools. Although it’s an easy game to learn, it is varied and challenging, and requires players to be adept in batting, bowling, and fielding, also placing particular emphasis on hand-eye coordination and speed. Rounders is a mixed-gender sport although it is often enjoyed predominately by girls.