girls lacrosse team at a middle school in lucton

Lacrosse & Hockey


Rooted in Native American culture, Lacrosse is a fast-paced game of speed and agility. Players attempt to score a goal by getting their ball into a net and passing a goalie in a similar way to football; however, they use a lacrosse stick and much smaller ball! Since the skills of hockey, netball, and football are all rolled into one, it makes for an exciting game.

We regularly invite specialist coaches, including a former England Captain, to train our students, some of which have been successful enough to play at county level. Competition in lacrosse is fierce, and throughout the year 60 schools compete in term-time leagues, in addition to England Lacrosse’s National Schools Lacrosse Championship, where 3,500 girls compete over a week-long event. All girls from Year 3 to Year 11 are taught lacrosse on a rotating basis during the winter and spring terms.


Played in the winter and spring terms both on grass and astro turf, Hockey is available to all from Year 3 onwards. Hockey is a fast-paced team sport requiring excellent hand-eye coordination, agility, spatial awareness, and no small amount of grit and determination. Hockey at Lucton is predominantly played by girls; however, the sport is co-educational with opportunities for boys to join in. Several of our students play at U16 county level, and as a result the school teams perform well at county events. There are also local clubs nearby that students can join, and additional at Lucton at various points throughout the week.