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Old Luctonians

The sense of community at Lucton does not end at the school gates; founded over a hundred years ago the alumni of Lucton School forms the Old Luctonians Association. The OLA is a large community reaching far beyond the United Kingdom, and can be found in a diverse range of professions. Indeed, it is not uncommon to bump into an Old Luctonian in the most unexpected of places. The OLA’s primary aim is to support the school in its development by providing financial and physical support where possible.

How we keep in touch with each other:

All members/associates are welcome to contact the association through the school’s Secretary:

Mrs. Dianne Partis
Lucton School

OLA Events

Annual General Meeting

Every year in November we hold an Annual General Meeting followed by a meal.

This year the AGM will be at Lucton School.

The cost of the dinner is £25.00 and if you would be so kind as to put your name down for this event in advance we would be very grateful.

We also hold various other events throughout the year including golf tournaments, cricket matches, the annual Croft Ambrey run, BBQs, and evening entertainment.


Currently, we have about 1700 members from all over the world. This provides a very useful network of contacts for current and past students.

If you haven’t received any information regarding the OLA recently, then please get in touch with Dianne Partis, the school Secretary, who will be happy to add your details to our new database.