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Summer School

Students will benefit from a total of 27 hours of timetabled lessons per week from 09.00 until 17.00, five days a week (Monday – Friday).

The timetable includes a 30-minute morning and afternoon break, and one hour for lunch.

Evening activities run between 18.30-21.30

Our courses

Students choose one

  • English (as a Second Language) (11-16)
  • STEM (B2+)

Full Course – Monday 15th July – Sunday 11th August

Course 1 – Monday 15th July – Sunday 28th July

Course 2 – Monday 29th July – Sunday 11th August

Full Boarding Experience

Minimum 2 week booking

  • Overseas Full Boarding £875 per week (minimum two week booking)
  • Unaccompanied Minor service £25 each way
  • 10% Sibling discount

Day Experience

  • UK Day students £250 per week or £475 for the fortnight (Monday – Friday 09.00-17.00)
  • Flexi boarding £30 per night (subject to availability) (7-16)
  • Weekend boarding trip £25 per day
  • Extras charged at £25-40 per lesson (Group Horse riding, Private Tuition)
  • 10% Sibling discount
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