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Scholarships & Bursaries

At Lucton we offer a wide cross-section of awards that recognise outstanding ability in a range of areas. Available for Year 7 and Year 12 entry, scholarships can represent up to a 25% reduction in school fees, whilst exhibition prizes reward notable students with up to a 10% reduction. For those hoping to join our Sixth Form, there are also a select number of 100% and 50% scholarships available for truly exceptional students who would benefit from the quality of education available at Lucton. Awards for Year 7 are offered in the following areas: Academic, Music, Drama, Equestrian, Art, Sport, and all all-round ability. Awards for Year 12 entry are academic only.

Students who live in one of the “nine favoured parishes” of Lucton, Croft, Yarpole, Bircher, Luston, Eyton, Kingsland, Aymestrey, or Shobdon are also eligible to apply for the Pierrepont Scholarship. Named after Lucton’s founder, John Pierrepont, the award recognises gifted students from the local area.

All awards are assured for the period of time the student studies at Lucton and are subject to excellent behaviour and maintaining consistent academic progress.

Students hoping to win scholarship for Year 7 or Year 12 entry will be required to attend our Scholarship Assessment Days in January. Please note that due to the current pandemic we may have to change the dates and/or structure of these days so please contact a member of our admissions team for more information.


We also offer a number of bursaries aimed at assisting academically gifted students who may not be able to consider us otherwise. Bursaries can vary in size but all are means-tested and awarded after an assessment of household income.

For further information regarding awards and bursaries, please call 01568 782000 or email

Lucton School Open Day

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