A young school boy holding a basketball

Additional Sports


Badminton is a popular alternative for students who prefer individual sports, and is enjoyed by both overseas boarders and local students alike.

With a four-court sports hall, experienced staff and visiting coaches, students develop their skills quickly, with Wednesday afternoons devoted to competitive fixtures with local schools and colleges. Held in the autumn and spring terms, Badminton at Lucton caters for both recreational players and experienced players looking for competition. It is also the ideal sport for mixed gender teams.


Although played during the summer term, students are able to access tennis coaching all year round regardless of our sometimes-blustery weather. Like so many sports at Lucton, it is introduced in Year 3 and, whilst some enjoy playing recreationally, many students also play competitively at regional level.


Basketball has been offered at Lucton for many years and continues to prove a popular alternative for older students that are not keen on playing football or rugby. Basketball is often the go-to option for many of our international students to whom the sport is widely played and celebrated in their home countries. Players are generally drawn from our Sixth Form and our team has performed well in local games.