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School Life

Lucton is an All-through school in the purest sense of the word; with some joining us in the Nursery and leaving in the Sixth Form. However, regardless of where a student resides in the school, all will find a curriculum that is ambitious and challenging, an environment that is welcoming, and a real culture of curiosity that runs throughout.

The school day begins at 8.40am and finishes at 5pm and whilst this may be a slightly longer day than some are used to, it is structured to accommodate a broad curriculum including many clubs, sports, and extra-curricular activities. Our Prep School will swim twice a week whilst students of Middle School age and above will take part in sport throughout the week, with Wednesday afternoons devoted entirely to competitive fixtures and competitions, some of which are held nationally.

Individuality is also keenly encouraged. There are many opportunities for students to express their creativity in our well-equipped art rooms, and for those eager to perform, we have a wide variety of choirs and orchestras to take part in, as well as chances to act on stage in our termly drama productions.

Class sizes are small, with the vast majority of lessons throughout the school being taught in groups of between 12 and 14. Amongst the many advantages of this approach, is that students find it far easier to get help when they need it, as well as building the confidence to ask questions in class and speak publicly. Friendships are easy to build and we maintain a very active house point structure with students being placed into one of four houses (Collingwood, Drake, Nelson, Rodney) which adds a further source of comradery.

At Lucton, we also place a particular emphasis on equipping students with valuable life skills. Time management and study skills are embedded from their first day, and valuable leadership experience can be achieved through our Army and RAF cadets.

In addition to our UK students, we are justifiably proud to welcome others from as far away as Hong Kong, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and many European countries, and whether joining as day students or boarders, students integrate effortlessly, contributing to a vibrant and diverse community.