Lucton School children sitting in arches of red brick building

Lucton School Shanghai

the front of lucton school in shanghai

Lucton School Shanghai opened in September 2018. The purpose-built campus offers students from the age of 15 a full boarding experience whilst studying for IGCSE Exams., followed by A Levels. With extra-curricular designed to reflect the experience of students studying at Lucton School, UK.

Lucton School already has a presence in Shanghai, having opened Lucton Kindergarten Shanghai in the Gubei area in January 20217, with a second Kindergarten opened in March 2020.

Lucton School Shanghai Vision

Lucton School Shanghai are and will be a school where our strong British tradition and Chinese heart drives us to be the model of bilingual holistic education. As an international school rooted in China, we blend eastern and western pedagogies to promote an immersion model of education where teaching and learning develops critical thinking and intercultural understanding and respect.

Lucton School Shanghai will be a school where creativity, innovation, and a desire to challenge ourselves helps our students become critically engaged, internationally-minded citizens dedicated to solving problems and are able to pursue more fluid and flexible career pathways, whilst collaboratively creating change.

Lucton School Shanghai Mission

In a mutually supportive environment, Lucton School Shanghai will bring the best out of every individual Luctonian ensuring they develop as a whole person, fulfill their potential and help lead a shared future built on personal, societal and global well-being.

Lucton School Shanghai Motto

Luctonians flourish!