children sitting on a wall

Foreign Languages

There are many reasons for learning modern foreign languages. Aside from the practical advantages of being able to successfully communicate effectively with other nationalities, language students also gain a deep understanding of how our neighbours in Europe think; how they are governed, their history, and their unique cultures.

Studying languages is challenging; however, language qualifications are particularly worthwhile, and having a language qualification at GCSE and/or A level strengthens applications to university, chiefly in areas where communication skills are important, such as medicine, law, teaching, and business.

At Lucton, students develop an awareness of French in Reception, primarily through learning songs, and develop this throughout their time in the Prep School. In Middle School, students are introduced to Spanish as well as Latin, and as they progress they are able to pick either French, Spanish, or both for GCSE, with some students choosing to continue these subjects at A Level. Students with previous knowledge of German may also be entered for German at GCSE or A Level as appropriate.