children and a teacher dressed as soldiers
Cadets in marching position ready for direction


Lucton’s current Combined Cadet Force (CCF) actually began its life as an Army Cadet Force over 100 years ago. Originally designed as a distinct pathway into the armed forces, it has changed considerably over time and its primary purpose nowadays is a fun way for students to develop teamwork, self-reliance, confidence, leadership skills, and to experience the importance of stepping out of their comfort zone.

In recent years Lucton has introduced the option of RAF cadets for those that have an interest in aviation and the many other roles that the service includes. All students, boys and girls, begin cadets in Year 8 and spend the first year being taught basic navigation, first aid, and other essential skills, before choosing to join either the Army or RAF in Year 9.

In order to reflect the broad range of roles available within the RAF, cadets will study a variety of areas including radio and communication equipment, marksmanship, and adventure training, in addition to learning to fly through the use of flight simulators, gliders, and Grob tutor aircraft.

Army Cadets will have the chance to take part in fieldcraft exercises and gain an understanding of military tactics, as well as outdoor activities including kayaking, mountain biking, paintball, and an annual week-long camp.

Students that take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme will also be able to complete many of the requirements through the CCF, particularly the skill, physical, and expedition elements.

We are proud supporters of the Armed Forces Covenant.