Term Dates

Autumn Term 2021

Tuesday 31st August – Boarders arrive

Wednesday 1st September – First day of term

25th October – 29th October – Half term

Thursday 9th December – Last day of term

Friday 10th December – Overseas pupils leave

Spring Term 2022

Tuesday 4th January – Boarders arrive

Wednesday 5th January – First day of term

14th February – 18th February – Half term

Thursday 31st March – Last day of term

Friday 1st April – Overseas pupils leave

Summer Term 2022

Monday 25th April – Boarders arrive

Tuesday 26th April – First day of term

30th May – 3rd June – Half term

Thursday 7th July – Last day of term

Friday 8th July – Overseas pupils leave


Boarders are asked to return to School between 5:00pm and 7:00pm in the evening before term begins. All overseas pupils are expected to arrive at School the day before term begins and leave
after term has ended.