children from a prep school in lucton with pens in their hands

Yang Xi

From a young age I decided that I wanted to study at an English University but my parents felt that it would be of benefit to me to understand the British education system and experience the culture before doing so. A friend of my father recommended Lucton and after visiting the school with my family I loved it. I was really impressed with the history of the school and I thought the countryside setting would be the perfect choice.

The teaching style was different to what I had experienced elsewhere; critical thinking was encouraged and the staff were able to push me academically. I studied at Lucton for five years and I actually went on to take six A Levels, three of which I achieved an A*, before completing my degree in Statistics, Economics and Finance at University College London. I was offered a place at Cambridge to an MSC but chose instead to take a job at KPMG. I had a wonderful time at Lucton, so much so that I now run a company that promotes educational exchanges between Britain and China.