children from a prep school in lucton with pens in their hands

Ted, Year 6

horse riding at Lucton School

I have been at Lucton for eleven years; I don’t actually remember starting because I was a baby! I was in Nursery, then Prep School, and now I am in Middle School. I moved up with my friends from Year 5, but there are lots of new people that have joined recently too. 

Prep School was great but Middle School is much more open; we are not just taught in one building, we get to go all over the school, the science rooms, the theatre, and there are many more sports too. For me, sport and swimming are definitely the best things about Lucton, but I am also really enjoying Design Technology. At the moment we are working on totem poles; we began by drawing our designs by hand, but the best bit is using the tools and machines. Our next project, will be making cars which will be powered by little engines so they will actually move!

Another activity I really enjoy is horse riding, and I am on the school equestrian team. My pony’s name is Georgie and we are improving and jumping higher this year. Ms. Coates trains us at the school, and the sessions have helped me improve and become more confident. Recently, as part of the Lucton squad, I competed in a show jumping competition at Kings Equestrian, where we achieved a double clear; however, we did not get placed as we were too slow! 

I’m looking forward to Year 8, when I can start CCF, and Duke of Edinburgh; I have seen the older students taking part, and it looks fun!

My advice for any new students is not to be worried as Lucton is a happy place. It’s easy to make friends here and if you talk to people you will soon find things in common.