children from a prep school in lucton with pens in their hands

Camilla Pudge

I was quite young when I started my education at Lucton and joined the nursery at the age of two! As I progressed through the school I had some really fantastic teachers, particularly for science, where they taught above and beyond the syllabus and supported me in my pursuit to become a Doctor. My time at Lucton was also full of extra-curricular activities; there were many sports on offer and I regularly competed in team and individual sports to county level which was something I may have overlooked had I attended a larger school.

The leadership experience that I gained through CCF and becoming Head Girl helped place me above other candidates when I applied for university and, even now, the skills I learned through drama have shaped me into a confident public speaker which is invaluable in dealing with patients in my current role as a Paediatric Registrar. When I reflect on my time at Lucton, I have so many fond memories and I am grateful for the opportunities that were available to me.

Open Day September 2022

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