children from a prep school in lucton with pens in their hands

Alex, Year 10

Lucton School school student in sports jacket

I was keen to study in the UK as it would improve my English and I felt that the school system would be a nice change. I first discovered Lucton when I met a representative at a fair in Moscow; it sounded great and so my mother and I decided to visit the school and we were really impressed. I decided that it was definitely for me.

It’s very different to studying in Russia. In Moscow, I didn’t have as much choice in my subjects and the school day was shorter; we would finish around lunchtime, so a lot of extra work had to happen at home, whereas here the school day is longer so we have more support from teachers. There’s also a lot more variety in sports here. In Russia you can choose one sport or another, but here you have a chance to try all of them.

I have been here for over a year and I remember when I first started it was scary! I was in a different country with a different language and I felt very out of my comfort zone, but I soon made friends with the boarders and now I feel a lot more confident and I’m really enjoying myself. 

I really like the school atmosphere; I get on well with students and teachers and I like that the building is so old! I also really enjoy the boarding house; having my own room and not having to share is great!