A school girl going over a hurdle with her horse

Accredited Professional Coach

Accredited Professional Coach

Equine Centre Manager – Ms. Coates

Having gained extensive experience both internationally, and in yards throughout the UK, Ms. Coates has a wealth of knowledge in the welfare of horses and ponies and is responsible for instructing students in correct BHS procedures on the yard.

Ms. Coates and her team provide continual support, guidance and supervision in all aspects of stable management; often assisting students in carrying out the day-to-day tasks required in the complete care of a horse or pony dependent on their level of experience.

The Equestrian Centre staff responsible for the yard in the mornings and the evenings oversee the competition management of the pupils’ horses and, in liaison with the instructors, ensure that students are adhering to set exercise and training regimes with their animals. The staff have considerable experience of working in international competition yards and are ideally placed to advice on horse care and management, with competitions in mind.

Ms. Coates is a BHS Accredited Professional Coach (Membership No 116669)

Lucton School Licence holder is Ms. Emma Coates, N-RID38 (Herefordshire Council, Animal Welfare Act 2006 Section 10(a))