children from a prep school in lucton with pens in their hands

Harvest Festival

Transition, Preparatory and Year 6

Harvest Festival, The Memorial Hall, Main School

15th October 2021 – 2.30pm

Dear Families,

As usual, we are preparing for our annual Lucton Harvest Festival. Our theme this year is ‘Scarecrows’.


As you may also be aware not only is it a chance for the children to perform in front of us but it is equally important for us to fundraise for a local charity and this year we have chosen ‘Borderlands Rural Chaplaincy’.

Photography Competition

We shall also have a photography competition on the theme of ‘Autumn’. This is free to enter and will be judged per year group, with an adults section as well – all you have to do is to ask your children to take a photo of something fun or interesting on your phone or camera and to email your class teachers the entry.


We ask that every child brings in a little something for their class raffle hamper – it could be a voucher, a tray of eggs, some juicy apples off the tree, a jar of homemade chutney, a bottle of something thirst quenching, some chocs, some toiletries – you get the idea! We shall create the 10 class hampers and you can buy as many tickets as you wish as a donation and a chance to win a wonderful harvest hamper. We shall announce the names of the draw winners at the end of the service. If your goods are non-perishable, you may start to bring your hamper offerings in to your class teachers as soon as possible. Tickets will be available to buy 2 weeks before the festival.

It is always such wonderful occasion and the children all look forward to being a part of.

Thank you for your continued help and support.

Kind regards,

David Bicker-Caarten

Head of Lucton Prep School