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100% GCSE Passes
in the Separate
with 72%
being A* to A

Middle School 10-13 years, Lucton School

Middle School 10-13 years

The move from the Prep to the Senior School can be a daunting one and the aim of establishing the Middle School was to make the transition easier.

The Middle School is based in its own building, the Hereford Block but, as pupils move up the School so they begin to venture beyond the Hereford Block more often.  Pupils arriving in Year 6 spend much time in their own form room with their Tutor and, whilst there is some specialist teaching, it is by a smaller group of teachers than in the Senior School.  ICT, music, sport and drama are taught elsewhere in the Senior School, but other subjects are pursued in the Hereford Block.  In Year 7, pupils move into the Senior School for art, DT and the sciences, and by Year 8, they are moving around the School for all their different lessons whilst maintaining a base in the Hereford Block.

The building has its own cloakrooms, lockers and lavatories solely for Middle School pupils and, while pupils share sporting facilities with the Senior School, the children change separately.  The timetable is arranged so that Middle School pupils have morning break separately from the Senior School, and they go into lunch slightly earlier.  

All pupils in Year 6 continue their Key Stage 2 education with the core subjects supplemented by French, drama, ICT, RS, history, geography, art, DT and PSE.  Year 6 pupils study General Science, with the three separate disciplines – biology, chemistry and physics - being introduced in Year 7, when Spanish and Latin are also added to the curriculum.  Although teaching in Year 6 is mixed ability, Year 7 and 8 forms are streamed on the basis of performance in class and in examinations.  Pupils are set separately for mathematics.

The Middle School provides our children with the chance to flourish and develop their independence, in order that they might move on to make the most of their time in the Senior School.  Pupils have the chance to serve as Form Captains and to captain sports teams, and the Middle School has its own Head Boy and Head Girl.  Lest the children feel excluded from treading the boards with the Senior thespians, there is also a Middle School Play in the spring term each year.

Parents evenings are held for each year group, but parents are always welcome to contact Form Tutors or the Head of Middle School if they have concerns at any time.

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