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100% GCSE Passes
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Science, Lucton School


Our Science Department has a high reputation both within and outside Lucton School. In particular our students benefit tremendously from being taught in small classes (maximum 18, and usually far less!) by specialist and highly experienced science teachers.

Year 6 follows a general science course, and studies the following topics: forces, interdependence and adaptation, microbes, dissolving, reversible and irreversible changes and how we see things.


In Years 7, 8 and 9 pupils study biology, chemistry and physics separately and are taught by subject specialists. All our pupils have the option of taking three sciences to GCSE, although a smaller number take the core and additional science route which enables them to spend more time on their other subjects. Students can choose up to four science subjects to study at ‘A’ level.

The Science Department facilities comprise 3 laboratories, prep room and connected ICT suite. Practical work is central to our teaching and our resources are excellent and being continually improved.

What we are trying to achieve with students

At Lucton we do not focus solely on the acquisition of scientific facts but also on how scientists work, for example how experiments and observations lead to a better understanding of how the world works. It is our wish that all students experience the awe and wonder of science and enjoy the challenge of making sense of the world around them.

Our aim is that students gain a sound understanding of the main branches of science, biology, chemistry and physics. This allows them to identify real science from the often exaggerated claims made in the media. In addition the world needs scientists to work in a huge number of industries and research establishments. Every year an increasing number of our students continue their studies at university and pursue a scientific career.

Science News

Every year, Lucton pupils participate in Science Week when there are many extra activities and competitions running in the School.  Pupils are encouraged to start preparing for these events and steal an edge over their rivals!  For example, this year there will be a ‘Matchstick Rocket’ challenge – who can beat the School record of 113 cm set by James Wilson? See the NASA website at:  for rules of entry and ideas.

This year also sees the return of the paper aeroplane competition – prizes for greatest distance covered, and most attractive and colourful design. For the biology specialists there is a ‘Food Chains’ theme, entries for this can be in the format of a poster or model to show feeding relationships. Students arealso being encouraged to enter for the RSC Bill Bryson cash prize where the topic for 2012 is ‘Science and Sport’ – see for further details.       

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