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Lucton’s Results

100% GCSE Passes
in the Separate
with 72%
being A* to A

Personal and Social Education (PSE), Lucton School

Personal and Social Education (PSE)

Children have always learned about themselves, about society and about the place of themselves in that society, but the world has changed and our children no longer learn as they did in the past.

The PSE syllabus operates from the beginnings of Key Stage I until the top end of Key Stage IV.  In the early years, the children cover issues such as Making Choices and Following Rules.  As they move up the School, children learn to consider healthy lifestyles and to appreciate that people are different.  The Middle School curriculum includes Bullying, Government of the UK and SRE (Sex and Relationship Education.)  In the Senior School, pupils look at topics such as Drugs, The Media and Rights & Responsibilities.

Beyond the formal curriculum, PSE helps Cadets in the CCF, as they prepare for their BTEC, and Sixth Form pupils as they work towards YASS and prepare their UCAS Personal Statements.  It links, too, with our programme for ‘Gifted and Talented’ pupils.

Common threads throughout the Key Stages include ideas of Citizenship, the Economy, SRE and Study Skills.  In addition, pupils gain a valuable experience of ‘Thinking Skills’, i.e. skills that will serve them well in their academic studies as well as in life in general.

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